History of Carlton Champagne

Carlo Celotta is a famous Italian wine merchant and the founder of Via Marcone. His fame began in 1947 when he began bottling and distributing this sparkling white wine to consumers in Venice. At that time, he was considered one of the best wine merchants in the entire country, and his wine was well received by the nobility. However, many critics claimed that his wines were nothing more than ordinary white wines, and that they tasted bland and flavorless. In fact, many of his clients became angry with him because his wine did not taste like wine. As a result, he decided to open his own production facilities in Italy, which eventually became Via Marcone, a name which stands for only enthusiasts.

The history of Via Marcone continues to be a mystery to this day, but we do know that it began out of nothing more than a small plot of land on a hillside in the Piedmont region of Italy. There, Celotta rented some space from a local priest in order to start his wine-producing business. He was not a dedicated collector of wines, however, so most of his wine was a mixture of grapes that had been stored for several years in oak barrels. These vintage bottles of wine were left sitting on the land for months upon months, allowing the grapes to change colors and develop a unique taste for only Italian wine makers knew.

Because the grape varieties weren’t that abundant, the wine that was produced from them was limited. This, as many believe, was how it got its name, as only true enthusiasts could appreciate the beauty of the wines. In fact, the only way to get the grapes to produce such great tasting wine was to harvest the young vines at the peak of their growth. In order to keep the grapes fresh, a procedure was developed to freeze the grapevines.

After about three months of storage in wooden barrels, the grapes were able to be transferred to metal barrels, which kept the liquid at a cooler temperature for longer periods of time. The resulting wine was then sent to the chateau by the wine makers to be served to their guests. If you happen to live in a small town or have a friend who lives in a small town, you should try to go to that particular chateau at least once during your lifetime. You will be able to pick up some wonderful bottles of vintage sparkling wine that is just waiting to be enjoyed. Unfortunately, not every town or city has a history so the actual places that date back to this time are more difficult to locate. Luckily, though, there are plenty of web sites that have put together lists of locations of these historical sites where you can find the history of this timeless champagne.

If you are a true wine lover, then making your own carlotta champagne is the only way to go. It is a very gratifying experience and perfect for a romantic evening for two. The process of making your own wine is surprisingly easy, although it does require some patience and work to properly complete the process, but the taste of this drink is definitely worth the effort.

Some websites also offer kits for making champagne. These kits usually include bottles, a corker (for the airlock), a funnel, and an instruction manual. All you need to do is follow the instructions in the manual to prepare your homemade champagne. When you purchase your bottle of this bubbly, make sure you purchase one that has a seal so that the cork can stay on the bottle.