Why Is Christina Khalil Popular on You Tube?

One of the most popular YouTube stars right now is Christina Khalili. This twenty-something year old has a great body and is very popular among other YouTube stars as well. This is because Christina has a very interesting personality, and often comes off as being very real and down to earth.

On OnlyFamous Videos, she is often referred to as « Jaret, » as she is funny and witty in this channel. One thing that many people find interesting about Jaret is that she uploads videos on a regular basis, with some being quite serious. Many of these videos are ones where she is demonstrating how to ride her motorcycle or doing some other kind of activity that she claims looks cool. One example of this can be seen in the video « Another Youtubers. » The video shows Jaret riding her motorcycle, while making some sort of noise with her motorcycle horn.

In another video uploaded by Jaret, she is also demonstrating how to ride her motorcycle, but this time, it appears as if she is demonstrating some kind of love life. The video starts out in the style of a relationship proposal, showing a man giving Jaret a ring. The two then drive down a scenic path, with Jaret asking the man for forgiveness. After he says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she responds by saying « Just the ride. » This one particular video has become very popular among other Youtubers, and many of them have come across this and liked the love life she is demonstrating in the video.

Not only is Jaret a humorous personality, but she also has a lot of knowledge on a variety of subjects, most notably her love life as well as various beauty products that she promotes. In addition to uploading many videos of herself riding various different types of motorcycles, she also uploads videos of her beauty routine, and the clothes she wears during these performances as well. Because of the many YouTube members that regularly look at these videos, she has managed to build quite a large online fan base.

In addition to owning a large fan base, Christina has managed to gain quite a following on several social networking websites as well. On MySpace alone, she has garnered more than one hundred thousand fans, many of which have become avid supporters as well as followers. On Facebook alone, she has more than a hundred thousand fans, and she regularly uploads videos of her singing and dancing as well.

With all of this in mind, it is easy to see why Christina has become one of the most popular You Tube celebrities today. Her humorous sense of humor as well as her wide array of skills allow her to entertain as many people as possible with her unique style of video uploading. While many of her uploads videos are instructional videos regarding various beauty products that she promotes, others simply contain her own personal style of humor and song lyrics. Regardless of what type of video she decides to upload, the fact remains that she has built a large fan base due to her willingness to share entertaining videos with everyone who visits You Tube.