Caring For a Curlyamelie

The curlyamelie or simply caramel-haired is a breed of long haired dog often confused with the Himalayan ponytail. But these are not the same. They have their own distinct characteristic that makes them different from the common ponies we know and love. Their hair is naturally curly, straight and shiny. That is why this breed was chosen to be the basis of the Livejasmin and Cocker Spaniel lines.

Like all dogs with long and silky hair, curlyamelie are prone to dryness and split ends. Some also shed more than other dogs due to their coarse and unruly hair. It is important to train them properly in order to avoid excessive shedding. This type of dog is a very playful breed but it may also be susceptible to certain health problems. This article will give you some information on how you can properly care for your curlyamelie.

Good nutrition and exercise are essential to maintain good health and an attractive coat. Aside from a regular and healthy diet, the right amount of exercise will help keep your curlyamelie physically and mentally fit. One way to keep it mentally fit is to provide it with daily exercise. This breed requires activity to facilitate its digestion and to stimulate the circulatory system. Hence, you need to walk it every day or at least several times during the week if you want to see some results.

In addition to regular physical exercise, you need to take your Cocker Spaniel with you on walks during different seasons. This is one way of making sure that your pet gets enough vitamins and minerals. If you don’t want to get him or her stuck inside the house all day, you may bring him or her to the park where there are more opportunities to mingle with other dogs. However, you should keep in mind that the park is not the best place to bring your pet when he or she has longer hair. If you have to leave your dog alone in the park, it is very important to clip the ends of its hair regularly. You may also use a brush to groom its coat especially if it has long hair.

Make sure that your curlyamelie stays hydrated as well by giving her plenty of fresh water every day. You may consider bringing your curledamelie into the tub during hot summer days to ensure that she is properly hydrated. Take care not to drown her as this breed often experiences heatstroke even with a short bath. Also, do not force your pet to swim if it is still too afraid to do so. Give your curlyamelie lots of space as this breed loves to play around and often goes swimming just to let out pent up emotions.

Caring for your curlyamelie can be very easy provided that you are aware of these factors. This breed needs only a moderate amount of care, so you may be able to take it to the next level with some loving and constant training from you. Remember that the reason why you brought your curlyamelie into the first place is because you wanted a curly and beautiful dog. With proper care, your curlyamelie will love you forever and may even grow to be an outstanding show dog someday.