Is This Strain For You?

indica Monroe is a famous strain of marijuana that was introduced to California by none other than the late Grateful Dead bass player, guitarist and singer, Jerry Garcia. Indica Monroe was developed in the fertile crescent of hills that encompass the rolling hills of Northern California. The region is also known as the High Country. The specific climatic conditions and long summers afford the marijuana plant this kind of environment to grow in, which explains the high quality of the buds that are produced. Camsoda, one of the top producing indoor hybrid marijuana plants, is a great strain to consider when searching for an all-time favorite.

The plant gets its name from the leafy green vines that wrap around the base of the plant. The flowers open up in four separate bunches and can be eaten as an edible greens supplement, which makes it a versatile product. It has a mellow flavor that goes great with just about anything but goes well with spicy foods. Indica Monroe will do well in a variety of indoor environments, although it is recommended that you avoid trying it near citrus fruits or berries as its taste can be quite bitter.

The plant is a slow growing, full sun, low maintenance strain that will reward you with a high yield of leaves. Its delicate, flexible branches will allow you to easily prune it, trim it, bend it or pickle it as desired. Its three-week flowering phase can produce forty pounds of buds, with a single bloom producing sixty pounds of buds.

A common question that many people ask when choosing a strain is how long do they have to wait between blooms. The answer is that it all depends on the type of plant. Some are extremely fast moving and will flower in just two weeks, but they are also some of the most difficult to maintain. Those that are a bit slower tend to bloom much later, but they are also the easiest plants to care for. You should only need to water them once or twice during the three weeks, but make sure you get plenty of direct sunlight so they get plenty of light.

If you’re looking for a good indoor garden, the indica Monroe is definitely worth looking into. Its roots grow very shallow, which makes it great for starting seedlings. It is also very easy to grow, making it perfect for beginners who don’t want to go all out and become a dedicated grower. If you have never grown this type of strain before, there are plenty of instructional videos available online, as well as books at your local gardening shop. There is no doubt that this is one of the best strains out there right now and will continue to get better as years pass. This strain might even become a top choice among growers.

We all know how hard it is to find a good, consistent strain. This is why it’s important to find a quality Indica Monroe and treat it right. After three weeks of being in your home, if you’re not seeing any great results, you should start checking out different sources for better information.