Stripchat For Your Kitty

Kittyy25 is an adult toy which is developed by Mattel. It was released in May of 2020 and can be purchased online or at many retail outlets. The kitty character is a representative for the My Little Pony brand of toys and has a number of different attachments which allow it to be used as a telephone, mobile phone and mobile music player all in one small and compact package.

One of the most striking attachments is its ability to function as a mobile phone. When the unit is powered on it will emit a series of beeps that alert the owner to incoming calls. They are however, very easy to turn off so that the owner can simply ignore them. As a result of this function it has become something of a gift for any child who wants their parents to find out what they are doing.

The use of the Kittyy25 as a phone is a clever marketing move by Mattel. The range of products by this manufacturer is vast and any parent looking to give their child a mobile phone would have difficulty in not being able to find one of these toys. They come in all the standard Pink, Blue and Yellow colours as well as a range of unique models designed for special occasions. The unusual item is that they do not come with a speaker but rather a talking device which use batteries supplied with the purchase of the toy. This allows children to speak to their owners just as they would with their own phone.

One aspect of the Kitty product which might give some consumers pause is the range of attachments which are included. There are a total of twenty-one different sounds that can be attached to the cat. These include such familiar sounds as a doorbell, kitchen alarm and even the barking of a dog. The attachment, which is the closest to resembling a real telephone handset however is the mobile phone which enables the kitty to make long distance calls.

The stripchat attachment is another feature which might cause some consumers to think twice about buying this particular toy. This is because it enables your kitty to use its own plastic cash register to input prices of purchases. As a result of this the kitty can use the kitty code which is provided by you when you buy the toy. Each time your kitty wants to pay for something he or she must insert the money through the cash register and this is done by waving the stripchat attachment over it. It is this technology which makes it so convenient for both you and your kitty to conduct the transaction. Each time a payment is made the amount is added to your virtual account which is shown on the screen of your mobile phone.

One of the reasons why many parents choose to buy this phone accessory is because it is one of the easiest to use and understand. It also has some cool features such as being able to add up to twenty-one separate phone numbers to your mobile phone. With the wide range of attachments to suit any taste and any pocket it is easy to see why the kitty is becoming such a popular pet.