How Does Someone Become a Celebrity?

Every day, new photos of American Idol’s final three contestants are released. There’s Britney Spears, Simon Cowell, and now there is Lana Rain. She’s been on the show for a few seasons and became a beloved character by many who watched the show. However, many people didn’t know much about her prior to the show, and even fewer are aware of her background or what she’s like off-stage as well. In this article, I’ll share with you some info about the former American Idol’s long, illustrious career.

Born as Leona Richardson on June 5th, 1977 in Winston-Salem, Oregon, Rain grew up just outside of Portland, OR in Wilsonville. She is described as « a sweet little girl » in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. At age seven, Rain was already performing for other talented groups such as Backyard Babies and The Blue Napkins. She earned a diploma from the University of Montana, where she studied communications.

When Britney Spears auditioned for American Idol, Rain was among the first female audition to come in. Her auditions were the first time that Rain wore a dress with sleeves. During this time, Rain’s unique hair and distinctive voice became prominent. You can find several photos and video clips of Rain wearing this dress on the internet.

With her excellent voice and talent, Rain became a well-known singer-songwriter. She has since worked with well-known recording artists including J.Lo, Ashanti, Ashley Tisdale, Ashlee Simpson, and Akon. She has also gained popularity as a motivational speaker at concerts, speaking on a variety of topics including improving your love life, overcoming depression, overcoming insecurity, becoming a better lover, as well as learning how to meditate.

So how did an unknown girl become so well known? Well, apart from being very talented and charming, Rain is a very generous person. She has been able to give valuable advice to thousands of people suffering from various problems. Aside from her own life story, Rain gives useful tips to people about love, relationships, career, health, and other issues. One of the most popular audio products that has Rain’s words is a CD that you can buy online. It’s called « You’re Never Too Young » and it gives motivational lessons to young people ranging from children to teens.

Today, Rain still performs well. Her concerts are attended by a wide audience because of her unique style of singing and her excellent skills of writing songs. The music industry is paying attention to Rain because she has a way of expressing herself and attracting a large number of fans. People from all over the world listen to her music and see her performances. These days, you don’t have to be a celebrity or a super rich to be famous, just be someone who is sincere and genuine!