Lauren Birch, the Fashion Icon

Lauren Birch is the creator of the OnlyWedding collection. Her latest creation is a stunning wedding dress for her upcoming wedding on the shores of the Caribbean Sea in June of 2009. It is called Only Witches and it is modeled after the traditional Victorian dress worn by married women at the time. This beautiful gown is for birder who wants to feel like she is pulling back the veil of time and fashion and looking back to a simpler time when weddings were much more alike.

OnlyWedding is the creation of Lauren Birch, a professional bridal consultant. She has put together an excellent collection that will help you stand out from the crowd. The line is for all women and it is styled in an edgy style. The only thing about Lauren Birch is her flair for fashion and this collection shows it!

This collection was designed and manufactured by Lauren Birch, a freelance professional. She hand screens each garment to guarantee quality and the highest level of design. Each piece is made from high quality fabrics, including silk, satin and crepe. Some garments have been created with tulle and lace and even faux fur for that luxurious touch. All of these embellishments are designed to last for years to come.

The Only Witches collection makes a beautiful addition to any wardrobe whether you are planning to get married in summer or winter. Lauren Birch loves dressing up and creating new designs so you can see more of what she can do. This is just another example of how fashion can cross boundaries and bring people together no matter where they happen to live. Laurenbrite is a fashion icon in her own right and has many fans everywhere thanks to her designs.

You may be wondering how someone as accomplished as Lauren Birch could jump into the world of fashion. Well, it really doesn’t take much except for a few pieces of fabric! She started her career as a fashion assistant before moving on to designing clothing for corporate clients. Once there, the opportunity presented itself to broaden her work scope and focus on creating clothing for women. After several years designing for corporations, it was then suggested that she get back into the swing of things designing for individuals.

That’s exactly what she did and her talent has brought her to be one of the best known fashion designers today. Her amazing fashion sense has brought her to fame and appreciation not only amongst fashion lovers but also among every day women and girls who simply enjoy wearing the latest styles! If you want to be part of the bandwagon that is pulling up the ladder of Lauren Birch’s fame and glory then all you need to do is look for her clothing line. You will find everything you need at Lauren Birch outlet stores online!