Wii Review – Luxodetta

A few days before release of Mass Effect: Normandy, I had been talking to Bioware’s Creative Director Alan Kjaer about the possibility of including a fan favourite character from the TV series. The character in question was none other than Professor Gordon, the original squad leader who was a crucial part of the Normandy mission. As such, it would have certainly made sense to include him in the game, and here is what he had to say: « We love the idea of having Gordon as a playable character in future games, because we feel that the fan base will always be there. We have a number of future games planned that feature Gordon. »

In other words, Bioware are planning on making more of the original characters from the game. I remember when the game first came out, I played as Gordon, and I can say that I got hooked right away. Playing as Gordon was like getting into the action of the story, almost fighting off the monotony of the mission. Well, I am sure there are people who haven’t played Mass Effect: Normandy, but I know I had a great time while I was there, and I can see why they would want to play some of the earlier games. After all, the game is very open-ended, and after reaching level 15 you can start anything.

Kjaer also told me that there are still more characters to be revealed, so we could get a taste of what they look like. I can’t reveal too much, but it would probably be good if I did, seeing as the game is based around a book. I don’t own the book (it’s not even a movie), so it wouldn’t interest me at all.

One of the more anticipated games coming out this Christmas is Grand Theft Auto 5. The game seems to be going into new heights with the trailer for the game showing off some new features. If anything, I imagine that the enhanced visuals will highlight the game’s improved visuals.

So, is it a good game? For me, it’s probably my favorite on Wii. It’s just as much fun as Metal Gear Solid, but there’s a bit more charm in Lazez. If you’re looking for an interactive puzzle game, then definitely pick up Lazez.

The game’s on Wii now, so you won’t have to wait for the release of its sequel. As I said, though, it will probably be best to wait for the other games, such as Metal Gear Solid and Killzone, since they are obviously more recent. Luxodetta on the other hand, should be on sale right around the time of the release. Just make sure to get a Wii version if you’re going to play it on the go, or else it won’t feel right. Enjoyed the new game, and I look forward to future games by Lazysoft and TeamNAW.