Only Dreams Are Made of Dreams – Celebrate Nadalie Andreani Onlyfans

ONLYFANS are a brand of exclusive, hand-painted, high-quality art by Canadian artist, Nathalie Andree. The ONLYFANS collection was inspired by Andree’s deep connection to her family in former life as a foster daughter and as an actress in both those roles. Nathalie has been described as « a true Canadian artisan » and has won several awards for her art. Her paintings are described as « a glimpse into her soul » and she « delivers the message with humor and grace ».

NATHALIE ANDREANI ONLYFANS are made of acrylic on canvas, available in three different sizes, seven colours, and limited edition prints of up to fifty pieces each in the « Andrea and Andy Collection ». Each piece is hand painted by Andree in her studio in Grande Prairie, Alberta. They come with a certificate of authenticity. There are also table top and chair sets to choose from. All painted pieces are limited to fewer than fifty pieces each.

Nadalie began her passion for painting at the age of twelve when she was approached by an unknown French collector who sought her help for his own artistic project. It was a chance for the young girl to be in the spotlight and her first paintings were considered masterpieces by fellow Canadian artist, Claude Lorimer. And while it wasn’t exactly a « brand », Nadalie’s artistic talents were recognized by various galleries in Canada and abroad. It was then that she began her relationship with Andy Warhol and his associates.

Andres Segovia was one of the many famous celebrities who purchased paintings from Nadalie’s collection. Many other famous faces of the world art scene also appreciated and were known to purchase pieces from Andres Segovia’s collection including: Paul Gauguin, Paul Moragne, Arthur Rackham, Kenneth Clark and Bertene Roth. Other names on the list include: Jasper Johns, Frank Gehry, MoMA Painting Museum, John Wright, Thomas Moran and John Pilsworth. Nadalie’s paintings have graced the halls of some of the most prestigious art museums in the world.

In recent years, Nadalie and Andy Warhol have collaborated on several art projects. These collaborations have led to some of the most well received and sold art pieces in history. Andy Warhol painted Nadalie’s pieces in the style of a pop artist. The famous burger brand used by Andy Warhol as well as other famous ad campaigns have inspired Nadalie to create more original artwork. She has created a series of portraits using food related imagery.

The brand name remains strong and popular among collectors and fans of art. As a result, the corporation has expanded into other areas of the business world. There are several new stores and galleries that offer works from this new collection. All of which make it one of the biggest brands in the world of contemporary art.