The Real Deal Fitness by Queenanna Cortez

Queenanna Cortez, better known as Nanda Rivera is the owner of a successful fitness and bodybuilding company called « The Real Deal Fitness ». Recently she has decided to expand her company into an all out Fitness Nutrition Network Brand. This new venture will not only encompass the supplement industry but also the mentoring aspect of personal training as well as nutritional products for diet and nutrition. With The Real Deal Fitness brand this all comes together in one cohesive plan to give you the most complete fitness program available.

As Queenanna is herself a former fat girl who dropped over fifty pounds in the span of just five months, she knows what it takes to get people to start looking at how she looks as well as how she exercises and works out. This new approach to weight loss and gaining muscle focuses on a comprehensive approach that covers all the bases. In fact, not only will you get a diverse workout that is sure to work your major muscle groups, but you will also be educated on proper nutrition. This will allow you to know exactly what it is that you are consuming and how it affects your body and weight. This type of specialized education and awareness of proper nutrition is rare in today’s society.

In addition to the comprehensive workout you receive from The Real Deal Fitness, you will also be educated on the importance of proper rest. You see, although your workout is intense, your body needs time to recuperate and repair itself after strenuous activity like weightlifting. With this in mind you will learn the importance of giving yourself adequate rest between workouts in order to prevent injuries and to promote a healthy mind/body connection. The benefits of a mind/body connection have been proven in scientific research and now are available to you with The Real Deal Fitness Program.

When it comes to exercise, it seems that everyone is a champion at it and that includes you! If you are tired of constantly getting bored with your workout routine, maybe you should consider trying something new. Cortez has introduced a revolutionary workout that pushes the envelope of what’s possible while still maintaining some of the characteristics of the most well known fitness programs out there. By incorporating her patented movements into her workout, she not only revolutionized the way that women’s workout but also changed the way that every woman could workout.

One of the best parts of The Real Deal Fitness Program is that Cortez has included some of the most cutting edge exercises and toughest workout routines ever imagined. Her original programs were designed to target the major muscles of the legs, but she has added lean and effective workouts targeting the whole body. This type of wide variety gives you a chance to customize the routine to your own needs and keep challenging your body with something that you will never get bored with. You are not merely working out your legs, you are training your entire body!

It doesn’t matter why you are lifting weights. You are never going to be as successful if you don’t understand the correct techniques for the exercises that you choose. When it comes to weight loss, it is especially important to learn the right techniques for the exercises that you choose. The Real Deal Fitness is the first comprehensive program of its kind. If you want to learn how to lose weight quickly in a fun and easy way, this is the perfect program for you.