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It is with pleasure that we bring you our Selmaazmani review. This is a new online feature film directed by Laban Rata starring in the lead role Aayan Chopra. The movie is based on a book written by journalist Selina Satouri. This movie is very much different from other erotic films of our time in that it is an all about the love story between an Indian Muslim girl and a White Christian man.

As a backdrop Selma plays the character of Fatima al Hussain, a young school teacher in Birmingham, who is described as a fiery-tempered beauty with a passionate and adventurous nature. In her younger days she was one of the more popular girls at school, but over time the attraction between her fellow student Sonam Ashfa moved the two girls apart. At the end of the film we see them back together, but this time with a different view of each other, and more confident of their love for each other.

The story revolves around a young Pakistani girl named Afsa who falls in love with a Black American man from Chicago, while her parents are away on holiday. He becomes a bit jealous of the attention the girl lavishes on him and so he seduces her. Shortly thereafter, the two begin having regular sex, and before long they fall in love. Things get hotter between them until finally they commit to marriage.

There are many adult sex scenes throughout the film. However the most daring scenes take place when Afsa and her husband to return from vacation to their new home in Chicago. They have just gotten engaged and as they celebrate their impending wedding with their friends inside the house, Afsa gets suddenly woken up by her lover who has forced himself inside her. He has tied her to the bed and is demanding that she do whatever he wants. She tries to defend herself but is unable to get free because her throat is clamped tight.

He then proceeds to rape her and then forces her to perform sex on him. Despite her best efforts, she cannot free herself. A doctor arrives at the house and tells her mother about what has happened, but she ignores him and keeps with the torture. Eventually the girl passes out and dies.

It is then revealed that the reason for her death was due to anemia brought about by the stress of being in love with a stranger. The father of the two suspects the girl’s death due to the fact that she was not given enough water to drink following the trauma. With the help of her friend Mina, the couple confess their crimes to each other and the father of the two is arrested. A judge sentences them to jail, while the girl’s mother takes them to be wed. However as they are leaving the house, the girl manages to slip away and elude the criminals. They are soon caught by the police and are returned to the palace, where the princess is killed by the emperor.