Free Chat – Shantalland County, Isle of Wight

There is a certain charm in the quaint little town of Shantalland in County Durham, located in the southwest of the Isle of Wight. If you’ve been thinking about going back and trying a photographic journey through time, this quaint seaside resort town could be perfect for that. With its two mile long beach, tranquil environment and its charming villages and small towns, Shantalland could provide you with everything you are looking for to make your photographic memory of this lovely seaside town all the more beautiful. The beauty of this picturesque seaside village will be enhanced by the backdrop of the cliffs and mountain sides with the lighthouse situated to the immediate north of the picturesque resort.

This lovely little seaside village is blessed with some fine views, with its picturesque cliffs framing the coastline and the English Channel on one side and the Irish Sea on the other. The surrounding islands of Mull and Ulva are also pretty when positioned in the central part of the Isle of Wight. Shantalland is well known for its annual Sweet Princess Fair held every year in November and features such attractions as bounce houses, slides and entertainers such as jugglers, fire-eaters and giant inflatable teddy bears. A Shantalland tour operator can help make your tour a real fun experience by providing tips on visiting the various sites, points of interest and of course, providing a live cam model at each site. A Shantalland tour is a great way to get away from it all and see the true sights of British coastal towns.

The clockwise spiral down the cliffs of Shantalland leaves you feeling the gentle sea breeze caressing your face as you make your way to the village of Camsoda. Camsoda is a quaint little harbour town, which is the perfect gateway to all the other lovely places of interest in the Isle of Wight. Tourists travelling with a live cam model must visit the famous clock tower – Cocking Bay. Dating back to the eighteenth century, Cocking Bay was built out of slag from a local smelter. Today the clock still stands and offers a fascinating view over the waterfront.

On the other side of the island you will find Titchfield – a lovely little fishing village which has its own charming shops, restaurants and amusements. You can take a day trip to Ballsbridge – a seaside amusement park complete with a jetty, water slide and wave runners. You could stay in one of the old Victorian cottages in the village or try a pint of ale at the end of the day. As you would expect, the views from these traditional seaside hotels are as stunning as they are varied. With the exception of Ballbridge, there are no live cam sites in the vicinity of Titchfield.

For those looking for something a bit more exotic, there is the Shantallwell Market Hall. This charming Georgian building has been restored and is the perfect location for a social gathering or even a wedding photo session. As well as being home to numerous stalls selling fresh fish, cheeses, fruit and other foodstuffs, the Shantallwell Market Hall also has a fine collection of antique jewelry. The video records on sale in this hall can be combined with your regular photographs to create a unique collection. Some of the items on sale include silver tea service, saltire’s and earthenware dishes and bowls, crystal and glass wares, pocket watches, crystal and glass figurines, sterling silver tea sets and much more.

If you are looking to have a little bit of fun with your friends whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings of this beautiful valley town, it is possible to tip the experts. For a small amount of money you can have the services of a solicitor, a beautician, a chef or even a writer come to your house and make your favourite dishes. Why not just book a room at one of the fine dining restaurants situated in the town? If you prefer to have more than one course, the costs will work out to be cheaper. There are over sixty restaurants to choose from so it is possible to sit and dine in a place that suits your budget. There is even a free chat service available for those that need it, meaning that it is possible to directly initiate your conversation with someone that you wish to have the conversation of the evening.