More Of Siswet The Prostitute

Let us discuss one of the all time best bottom girls known as Elise aka Siswet19, also known as Sis Vu in Chaturbate. Wow, what a gorgeous webcam model. She’s a Dutch woman, from Amsterdam. She hails from Bredeker and her real name is Sisselert van den Helder. She has really great accent, it makes you feel that she’s a very sexy person.

Her skin is perfect, smooth and tanned skin always. The little « something » that makes you go wow from the first second is definitely Siswet’s. Her body is really perky with those big hips and perfect butt, a 34B, which makes her look so fetching. She hails from the Netherlands and her favorite things to do are shopping, dancing and having fun with friends.

She got started when she was young in the Netherlands, where she was introduced to the world of online video sites. Later on in the life she moved to London and joined Chaturbate, and from there ventured into webcam modeling. She has appeared on camera in several websites and over the years has developed a lot of skills. Recently she went for photo shoots for a lingerie catalog and also for an eyewear company.

She just completed a photo shoot for a major clothing company and even though the photos didn’t do her much good she was very happy! So she went ahead and got herself shot for a different catalog and to our surprise got herself selected for a spot on a TV show! It’s been quite a ride for Siswet since then, she’s been featured on a few other TV shows and done quite well.

Siswet loves animals and anything to do with wildlife. Her favorite is obviously with the dolphins, although she is also quite fond of seals, whales and fish. She has been spotted in the wild by photographers and even has pictures taken of her with the rare and exotic African Koala. On top of all that she has also been spotted at the London Zoo and in St. James’ Park. Siswet is now trying her hand at becoming a model but needs lots more training and lots of encouragement.

So here we have another lovely Dutch girl enjoying her days off in the sun. And what a surprise for us that she decided to take her sexy legs out in the open and show them off to the world. Hopefully more of these photos will appear in the coming weeks. If you have any ideas or suggestions for her on how to improve her photos, send us an email!