How to Make Your Woman Have Mind Blowing Orgasms – A Couple of Tips You Should Know!

The viciousqueen is hands down one of the naughtiest women in the adult entertainment industry when she takes a hold of her big sex toys. She knows what you’re thinking and what’s going to happen when you watch her perform on stage. Nothing can stop her when she’s rolling around on her back, legs and crotch in some of the most nerve-wracking and erotic positions known to women. In this guide you’ll learn how to take your woman to new sexual heights by understanding her best sex acts and seduction techniques. You’ll also discover the best places to watch her in action and watch her show off her moves in a sexual nutshell.

The viciousqueen loves to doggy style in one of the many provocative and erotic positions in which she is proficient. This is one of her favorite positions for men and she will often times perform it with her man or get his partner to help her get into this position. If you want to get your woman in this position then you need to first roll her over onto her stomach. Then straddle her on top of her man and let him guide you into the best positions to watch her roll around on her back.

If you have not yet discovered the art of seduction, then now is the time to master it. The way to get a woman fully aroused is to touch her sensitive spots while passionately and naturally stimulating her clitoris. When you kiss her neck or mouth then you are already paving the way for deeper intimacy. You can also use your tongue to massage her G-spot and once you learn how to effectively stimulate her clitoris then you can move on to her vagina and give her mind-blowing orgasms in no time at all.

The viciousqueen likes a good old fashion back and forth sex position that she can transition into if she gets tired of just lying there. You want to make sure that you always have some interesting toys on hand and some great positions such as doggy style, missionary and deep penetration. You can try new positions like doggy style while she is lying on her stomach and then you can switch to doggy style while she is on top of you and then switching to doggy style while you are inside her.

Another way to turn this sexy encounter into an unforgettable night is to make her beg for more. You can even tell her that it would feel so much better if she were to enter one of your tight positions. The point is to make her beg for sex and to see her reactions. Once you get her to climax then you can take over from there and take her right down to that amazing orgasm. There are many other ways to make her begging for more but we are going to save those for another guide.

You should never go straight into penetration until she is begging for it. It may seem like the right thing to do at first since you think you may get to her harder than before but the fact is that the harder you penetrate her, the more aroused she will become. This can and will end up in her screaming for more! As you can tell, if you want to make your woman have mind blowing orgasms like no other women has, then you need to know what to do when it comes to getting a woman on top.