Why Bigass Sweatshirts Is For Football Clubs and Fans Everywhere

In a recent article on Onlyfans we discussed the fact that the only true fans, those who buy a Willokhlass kit, are actually members of a secret club. And we also mentioned that the word ‘fan’ in the name, is an indication of the fact that the person wearing it is a true fan. So, is Willokhlass similar to Big Ass and the Piled High Club? Well, not exactly.

WILLOKHLASS Fans is generally fans of their team, but are not necessarily fans of the game. Willokhmass are actually a football shirt manufacturer who specialise in football shirts, replicas and garments for fans of non-league football, so there is not much difference. If you buy a Willokhmass kit, you’re getting a shirt that fans of Big Ass and Piled High Clubs wear.

They have their own official website and store, where you can find out all the latest news, get the latest updates and see where the team is playing next. You can even download a free kit of your favourite team and use it yourself. All you need is an Internet connection and some time to browse the site and shop for your favourite team’s football shirt. You can select from the thousands of designs available.

ONLY FANS: Bigass only ever produce football shirts specifically for fans. As well as the classic Willokhmass style, they also offer ‘fan collars’ and ‘fan sleeves’, which are stylish collars that allow fans to display their loyalty and support for their team. These will normally be ordered as part of a season ticket or group membership deal. Big Ass will try to make sure that the football kit is available for the supporters before the start of the new season.

Wearing Your Team Shirt: Unlike other brands, Bigass pride themselves on actually selling football shirts to the general public. This means that anyone, whether they are a fan or not, can buy their team’s shirt. Fans can choose to purchase one size larger than their normal size; for example, if they are big boy sized, they can choose a tall shirt, rather than a skinny one. If the team wants to make a specific type of style, they often do this too, such as the « signature jersey ». The signature jersey is simply a jersey that has been specifically designed by the team and is worn by a few select players, as a promotional item, or as a throwback/retrospective item.

So, is Bigass for fans of the Reds? Well, not really. But their football shirts are perfect for fans of other teams, as you can wear them at home and away, and they make great gifts too. You can get them printed in a variety of colours, depending on who you are buying for. The printing is of top quality, and they will last for years to come. Fans everywhere will be talking about them, and they are definitely worth trying.